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Whitetail Deer Hunting at H&K

If you like big trophy, whitetail deer hunting, that’s what we’re about!

Located in the hills of Irion County west of San Angelo, Texas, our whitetail deer hunting ranch is 10,000 acres of some of the best whitetail habitat in West Texas. With over 10 years of intense deer management, we grow big bucks and we have the trophies to prove it.

We maintain a Texas Parks and Wildlife Departments Managed Land Deer Permit Program (MLDP Level 3). If you are not familiar with this program below are a few advantages the program affords the Whitetail deer hunting sportsman.

* Flexible Seasons

* Increased Harvest Opportunities

* Use MLDP Permits, Not Your License Tags

With a five month gun and bow season we have all the time one needs to hunt to their heart’s content. Contact Us today for additional information and to book your hunt


Whitetail Deer Breeding at H&K Whitetails

As whitetail breeders, we breed for large typicals.  We continually improve our doe genetics and breed them to some of the industry’s biggest typical bucks that are known producers.